Tim Hassemer

Bittersweet Dreams

Try, fail, and try again is the recurring theme in this hilarious, poignant and touching memoir of one guy in his quest to fulfill a lifelong need.
After stumbling upon a love of drumming at the age of twelve and over a decade of botched bands, Tim Hassemer found the magic combination of timing and talent. Together with his bandmates, "We Almost Made It" climbed the ladder of the music industry starting from the very bottom of the barrel. Five guys touring in a beat up van to play for empty venues graduate to getting signed with an independent label and traveling abroad performing in front of thousands of people. Everything seemed like it had finally lined up...until it didn't.
Tim's story covers the most relatable of human dramas - friendship and betrayal, success and failure, life-altering joy and unbearable emotional upheaval. This book is for anyone who has relentlessly chased the dragon of success despite it seeming unattainable, and for those of us who still cant quite seem to let go of the dream.

Bittersweet Dreams: A story of failure and disappointment By Tim Hassemer Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780578611594
Published: Self-Published - January 1st, 2020