If you have any questions about ordering online, please email us, books[at]mariasbookshop.com, or call us, (970) 247-1438.

Print or eBooks - We've got you covered...
Most of the books available on our website can be purchased in hard back, soft cover, or as a Kobo eBook which can be read on the newly designed Kobo e-readers.

We love the open platform Kobo offers, allowing you to download over 3 million eBooks (1 million of them free!) and read them on virtually any device other than the Kindle, which is proprietary to Amazon.  For those who already have an iPad,  iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, BlackBerry PlayBook or smartphone, Kobo offers eReading apps that let you browse, shop and read instantly.  When you buy an eBook or eReader from us, your purchase supports us. 

Our Inventory

Please note that when you see a book on our website, it does not necessarily mean we currently have it in stock. Titles that appear are ones are available to us through our distributor. If a title is currently stocked  in the store, you will see that information on the website. If not, you'll notice language like "Usually ships in 1-5 days."

If the book you order is not in stock, we will order it for you the next business day, and will have it shipped directly to you.

Out-of-Print Books
We regularly order out-of-print titles for our customers. Please call us or email books@mariasbookshop.com with your request, and we will find your out-of-print book at the best possible price, in the best possible condition. Please note: used books generally take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive since we order from multiple sellers.

Thank you for your business!
When you make your purchases through our website, you are supporting our locally-owned, independent business, allowing us to keep our doors open so we'll be here next time you come by.

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