We love our local reading groups because we recognize that they are filled with our most dedicated readers!  With over 100 reading groups registered at Maria’s Bookshop, we get to hear about a wide variety of book choices and facilitation styles, and there is no one way to start or run a reading group! You can design one to fit your needs and interests. Whether yours is a mother-daughter group, a group dedicated to political non-fiction, or a group primarilty interested in gabbing over dinner and wine, we're happy to help in any way. From suggesting titles and tracking down online discussion guides to finding new members and more, we are here to help you keep your book group going! 

We also love to help individuals connect with existing reading groups in our area.  If you are interested in joining an established reading group, please contact jeanne@mariasbookshop.com and she'll help you out.

For our registered book groups, we maintain a list of title selections and offer a 15% discount for the selection of the month. Some titles are not eligible for this discount, so check with your Maria's Bookshop booksellers first.

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Registering Your Reading Group

Registering your Reading Group with Maria's Bookshop is easy!  Simply email the following information to jeanne@mariasbookshop.com

  •   reading group name
  •   contact person's name, email and phone
  •   number of members who will generally buy their books through Maria's Bookshop
  •   group's theme or identity (e.g. women who love wine and cheese, Buddhist, father-son, children's literature)
  •   whether or not your group is open to new members

Remember, you and your friends will need to tell us the name of your book group every time you call or come in, so pick a good one. Please be sure to update us if any contact information changes.

As soon as your group makes a book selection, contact us to place the order. We'll stock your selection in the shop, and we're happy to hold a copy for you if you ask us to.

Please let us know how we can best support your reading group.  Have an idea?  Email jeanne@mariasbookshop.com

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