MK Thompson

MK Thompson is a writer, wanderer, and nature lover. She grew up exploring the woods of Upstate NY, but found home in the wide-open spaces of the Southwest. After 25 years and 1,000+ nights under the stars “out west”, she has honed her ability to find the silly in the serious and always find her way—however roundabout.

Be it plans gone wrong—mountain lions, and snow fields, and lightning storms, oh, my—or minor hiccups leading to magical places, this book chronicles just a handful of MK Thompson's misadventures over the years, written with raw honesty and candid humor. Sometimes she is lost in the woods or has seriously underestimated the ruggedness of the backcountry terrain. Other times, her optimism leads her to happily drunken cold nights, or an accidental Shangri-La.

Whether you are a hardened adventurer or an armchair enthusiast, everyone can find a little piece of themselves within MK’s real-life stories of optimistic backcountry miscalculations. As she says, “Not every adventure goes according to plan, but if it is not planned, the adventure might never go.”