Margaret M. Kirk

Margaret “Midge” Kirk was born in Boston, MA, a lifetime ago.  She is a slightly eccentric artist, writer, bibliophile, seeker, educator, feminist scholar and hobby historian. She attended the University of Rhode Island but is a graduate of Goddard College, where she earned a BA in Women’s Studies and Family Development and an MA in Feminism and Social Justice. She also did post-graduate work at the University Santa Monica where she studied Applied Psychology and Heart Centered Counseling. Her work history is varied and includes many social service and library positions. 

Over thirty years ago, she helped found HerStory, which brings forgotten women from history back to life in stag presentations. She believes strongly that the contributions of women to history must be known and remembered. It to that end writes a monthly column in The Free Press. She lives in utopia, tucked away in a little corner of SW Colorado, where the she learned to drive a stagecoach and the wild west still lives. She is formerly shared her life with sheep, goats, chickens, and a goose but now lives with her three dogs and a cat. She has been previously published in professional journals, magazines and compilations, but this is her first book.