eat sleep ereadLight. Well-priced. Beautifully designed. The newly designed KOBO eReaders assure you stay connected, enjoy a fantastic reading experience, and continue to support your local, independent bookstore. We love the open platform Kobo offers, allowing you to download over 3 million eBooks (1 million of them free!) and read them on virtually any device other than the Kindle, which is proprietary to Amazon. For those who already have an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, BlackBerry PlayBook or smartphone, Kobo offers eReading apps that let you browse, shop and read instantly. And since folks ask us all the time, we want to reassure you that when you buy an eBook or eReader from us, your purchase supports us. The bottom line? Read in any format you like and we'll help you find a book you'll love!

Check out details on the new eReaders:

Kobo Aura
Kobo Aura's beautiful 6" edge-to-edge high-resolution display is the latest E Ink touchscreen and comes equipped with ComfortLight, the best, most even built- in front-light. It also comes with Kobo Reading LifeTM, an exclusive user experience designed for Readers, and easy access to over 3.5 million of the best titles available. Escape into the latest bestseller or independent title with Kobo Aura – a contemporary, elegant 6” E Ink eReader. With an edge-to-edge display, responsive touchscreen, and the most even front-light on the market, Kobo Aura keeps you reading in style – day or night.

Kobo Aura HD
Kobo Aura HD was made for sophisticated Book Lovers who are willing to pay for the highest-quality reading experience. Anyone with a passion for consuming one book after another will appreciate the most refined E Ink eReader we’ve ever made. That’s because Kobo Aura HD lets Book Lovers read as much as they like, whenever they like, for as long as they like. When selling to a sophisticated Book Lover, focus on the premium reading experience they can have with Kobo Aura HD. The 1440 x 1080 resolution of ClarityScreen+ is the highest* of any E Ink eReader. So fonts and images are crisper and easier to see – even in the dark with Kobo’s adjustable ComfortLight. If you want to spend more time reading and less time turning pages, the 6.8" display is larger and fits more on the screen.Best of all, only Kobo Aura HD is designed to feel like a book in your hand, for an authentic, comfortable reading experience.

Kobo Arc
Kobo Arc 7, a 7” Google-Certified multimedia tablet, makes reading magazines, kids’ books, and comics truly enjoyable. On the affordable Kobo Arc 7, the Reading Life platform makes it easy to discover, collect, and share your favorite content with friends and family.

Kobo Arc HD
Kobo Arc 7HD is the best high-definition, full-featured 7” Google-Certified multimedia tablet that makes reading magazines, comics and news truly enjoyable. Kobo Arc 7HD and the Reading Life platform make it easy to collect, share and discover more of the content you are passionate about.

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