Green Business Practices

While we know that there is always more to do, we are proud of the ways in which we have consciously created a green business.  In fact, Maria's Bookshop is included on the Sustainable Business List compiled by Fort Lewis College's Environmental Center.  Here are some of the steps we have taken towards sustainability:

Cutting the Carbon Footprint

  • Maria’s Bookshop has purchased 100% wind power from LPEA
  • Has Installed all LED lighting 
  • Uses timers to control indoor and outdoor lights
  • Has installed solar shades on west-facing upper windows
  • Has installed solar panels on south-facing roof portion
  • Uses a swamp cooler instead of air conditioning
  • Promotes an internal culture of biking and walking through efforts such as support for Durango Clean Commute Week

Responsible Purchasing and Product Sourcing

  • Maria’s Bookshop buys office supplies from independent downtown businesses
  • Uses “green” cleaning products
  • Provides employees with shade-grown coffee
  • Supports local authors by carrying and selling their books
  • Sells other locally-made products such as greeting cards, journals, bags, earrings, etc.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Maria’s Bookshop encourages customers to take a plastic bag for their purchases only if “needed”
  • Sells reusable fabric bags.
  • Purchases only recycled content copy/printer paper
  • Ensures recyclable paper is collected separately for city recycling pick-up
  • Strives to ensure recyclable plastic, glass and metal is taken to city recycling collection site
  • Recycles incoming shipment cardboard boxes
  • Reuses incoming shipment bubble-wrap for outgoing shipments.
  • Reuses copy paper sheets for note paper 
  • Uses recycled bathroom and kitchen paper products 
  • Uses recycled “Glass Mulch” in landscaping.

Enhancing the Environment

  • Maria’s Bookshop promotes and participates in the annual Durango Main Avenue clean-up
  • Provides plants and care for several flower boxes and planters in front of store

Community Education & Investment

  • Maria’s Bookshop provides both financial and in-kind donations to over 100 community charities and events every year
  • Participates in a program through the American Booksellers Association called Indiebound that promotes local, independent businesses across the country
  • Is a founding business member of Local First, an alliance of independent, locally-owned businesses in LaPlata County
  • Devotes significant shelf space to “green” and community-health-themed publications
  • Promotes community events and charities through special shelf and window displays
  • Hosts book signings and other in-store events
  • Financially supports local public radio and TV
  • Serves as a community ticket outlet for local events
  • Provides free exhibit space for local artists