Thursday, October 1st, 2020

6:30 pm on Zoom

Local Comics - with Kayla Shaggy and Keith Jim


We can't wait to chat with local artists/creators Kayla Shaggy and Keith Jim about their comics! 

"The Sixth World is about a young Dine woman named Dinora Redhorse living on Mars with her grandmother. When tragedy strikes, a distraught Dinora is unable to cope, until she receives a mysterious letter with instructions from her late grandmother. The discovery will change Dinora's life: the only question being, is it for better or worse? This Indigenous sci-fi comic is made by Kayla Shaggy, a member of the Dine tribe, and continues in future installments!"

Heroes" is a retelling of the legend of the Navajo Hero Twins, key players in the Navajo creation story who were said to have rid the world of monsters.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

6:30 pm on Zoom (Details to come) 

Climate change discussion with Laura Paskus and Mountain Studies Institute


Join Mountain Studies Institute and Maria’s Bookshop for a virtual conversation with author Laura Paskus about her book At the Precipice.

At the Precipice explores the question many of us have asked ourselves: What kind of world are we leaving to our children? The realities of climate change consume the media and keep us up at night worrying about the future. But in New Mexico and the larger Southwest, climate change has been silently wreaking havoc: average temperatures in the Upper Rio Grande Basin are increasing at double the global average, super fires like Las Conchas have devastated mountains, and sections of the Rio Grande are drying up.

Laura Paskus has tracked the issues of climate change at both the state and federal levels. She shares the frightening truth, both in terms of what is happening in nature and what is not happening to counteract the mounting crisis. She writes, “I wonder about the coming world. Which trees will grow, which birds will have survived. . . . The door to that new world has opened. And there’s no going back.” And yet our future is not yet determined—or is it?

Laura is an environmental journalist and a correspondent whose work has been widely published. She is the producer of New Mexico In Focus’s series “Our Land: New Mexico’s Environmental Past, Present, and Future.”



Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

6:30 pm on Zoom (Details to come) 

Romance Discussion with Lauren Connolly and Rhenna St. Clair


Rescue Me - When the universe screws you over, adopt a dog. Paige Herbert doesn't know how she lost control of her life. Friday morning, she had her future planned. Sunday night, she's jobless and staring at her half-naked fiance and a woman wearing her green robe. Taking refuge in her childhood home, Paige decides this time around her life partner will have four legs instead of two. But her newly rescued pit bull is in bad need of obedience training...and the perfect guy for the job has Paige forgetting the past.

Getting New Mexico - Aaron Schuyler is a ne'er-do-well, a cheat, an exploiter, a drunk, and a lifelong New Yorker. New Mexico is about to change everything about Schuyler, in this fresh and witty comedy about second chances and redemption.

Join us for what is sure to be an hour of pure fun discussing just what it takes to write a good romance story, and why they are so important! 



JP Gritton - Wyoming

Check out the conversation HERE! 

 "It’s 1988 and Shelley Cooper is in trouble. He’s broke, he’s been fired from his construction job, and his ex-wife has left him for their next door neighbor and a new life in Kansas City. The only opportunity on his horizon is fifty pounds of his brother’s high-grade marijuana, which needs to be driven from Colorado to Houston and exchanged for a lockbox full of cash. JP Gritton’s portrait of a hapless aspirant at odds with himself and everyone around him is both tender and ruthless, and Wyoming considers the possibility of redemption in a world that grants forgiveness grudgingly, if at all." 






John Peel - Hiking Trails of Southwestern Colorado, 5th Edition

Watch the conversation Here

 John presented this latest edition of his hiking guide (which includes 12 new hikes!), sharing how it came to be, tips and timely trail info, as well as some photos and maps from a couple of favorites in the book.







Makenna Goodman - The Shame

Interviewed by author Julie Buntin - Marlena

Watch the conversation Here

Scott Graham - Mesa Verde Victim

In Conversation with Kyle Bocinsky from Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

watch the conversation here.

Margaret Mizushima - Hanging Falls & Vicky Ramakka - The Cactus Plot

Colorado/Southwest Mysteries

Watch the conversation Here!



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