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The work of my fingers and the creativity of my intellect will write the best prologue that my neurons will praise, after assembling the puzzle of another of my forgotten manuscripts and that I corrected at random, -why not? - before publishing them, pseudonym of creativity and feeling in the best state of mind: "Veni, Vidi, Vici: " yes, because in one way or another that is what is the breadth of poetry is all about, the caliber of a good poet, when he manages to write hundreds of poems and thousands of verses."Poems of love and verses without a soul" is a simple book or not, sterile or fertile, that perhaps will make you think, doubt, and not believe. What do I know... It arose from forgotten notes, literature to recycle and that some poets with time, keep in digital files, on paper and that they look at with doubt, skepticism, indifference, and creativity, trying to build among a sea of letters, the riddle where it hides the past, the present and perhaps the future of what they call literature: frustration, hatred, love, nihilism, etc., questioning the rain, not its abundance, the clouds for their color, the spots of the sun and not their greatness, the poverty and not those who fertilize it in the people, social inequalities and not the umbilical cord of the mafias of so many corrupt governments, parasites and of so many socialist dictatorships, which in Latin America, multiply and call themselves a democracy.And without knowing the reason for the lyricism, the poet threshes the verses in the forge of his mind and at a loop of emotions, feelings, and identity, mother of all the arts, without trying to imitate those mediocre bards, who by no means and having their own voice, filled with a colorless intimacy, distinguish the sublimity of the horizon and not the hell that makes the extraordinary of the horizon possible.
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ISBN: 9798500345332
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 7th, 2021
Pages: 264
Language: English

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