Ava & Carol Detective Agency: Books 4-6 (Book Bundle 2) (Hardcover)

Ava & Carol Detective Agency: Books 4-6 (Book Bundle 2) By Thomas Lockhaven, Emily Chase, David Aretha (Editor) Cover Image

Ava & Carol Detective Agency: Books 4-6 (Book Bundle 2) (Hardcover)


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If you enjoy Nancy Drew, historical fiction and crime-solving mysteries, you'll love the 'Ava and Carol Detective Agency' series, a thrilling mystery series for children of all ages.

Praise for The Ava and Carol Detective Agency Series:

'I enjoyed the pacing, resolution and how they used real criminal science methods to find clues and discover who did it. It reminded me of Encyclopedia Brown.'

'This is an excellent middle school read with great characters and a wonderful storyline to keep the young mind engaged.'

This book includes:


When a famous show dog "Mr. Binxley" is stolen, Ava and Carol, twelve-year-old detectives, jump at the opportunity to track down the dognapper.

A strand of hair, a giant shoe-print - the girls begin putting together a series of clues and suspects that lead them closer to the bad guy. But just when they think they've figured everything out, a new clue is revealed that changes everything.

Suddenly, the girls are back to square one, and time is running out for Mr. Binxley.

Dognapped showcases Ava and Carol's investigative and forensic skills as they dust for fingerprints, collect and analyze hair samples, cast footprints, create a hidden camera and use mobile apps and the internet to help catch the bad guys.

The Eye of God

A famous Van Gogh painting has been stolen from the National Gallery of Art. Or was it? Why risk such a brazen robbery in broad daylight? Was the theft a ruse for something more nefarious?

Join super sleuths Ava and Carol as they unravel a secret plot that may lead to a fortune, hidden during the Civil War. The clues lead the girls from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. to a famous historic church in Richmond, Virginia to the mighty James River--where they are caught up in a high stakes-race to solve the mystery and find the treasure before the thieves.

Things go from bad to worse when the malicious-minded-thieves begin targeting Ava's parents, and threaten her father's life, if the girls don't back down. Will Carol and Ava get to the treasure in time, save Ava's father, and put the bad guys where they belong? Follow the clues in this riveting middle-school mystery thriller.

The Crown Jewels Mystery

What could be more thrilling than solving a hundred-year crime? Ava and Carol enter a contest where the stakes are high. Find the famed Irish Crown Jewels and win a $10,000 prize. If anyone can locate these priceless treasures, it's Ava and Carol, middle school super sleuths extraordinaire.

The girls, along with their friend Derik, embark on an adventure to solve the mystery of the missing jewels. If they win, they agree to use the reward money to help a mother with a physically challenged child get a much-needed surgery.

Ava and Carol uncover secrets hidden within historical landmarks. Join the girls as they trek across Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts and compete with other contestants, some of whom have nefarious intentions.

One mystery soon leads to another, forcing Ava, Carol, and Derik to use every detective skill they possess to crack the clues, and stay ahead of the competition.

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