Lion Shaped Mountain: A fable as told through the eyes of wild chimpanzees By Andrew R. Halloran Cover Image
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Inspired by his work in Sierra Leone, primatologist Andrew R. Halloran tells a literary tale of battle and bloodshed through the eyes of chimpanzees. In a remote corner of West Africa, in a place that only the locals know about, the world of a young chimpanzee is changed forever by forces beyond his control. Lion Shaped Mountain is the story of chimpanzees struggling to survive against a world that becomes less survivable for them each day, and the resilience it takes to stay alive. It is a tale, told through the eyes of our closest living relatives, of how every facet of one's environment dictates one's world -- the flora and fauna, the actions and reactions, the histories and the present, the beliefs and realities. These are the forces that affect us all.

...and implicate us all.

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ISBN: 9781736649800
ISBN-10: 1736649809
Publisher: Elgin Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
Pages: 162
Language: English

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