After the Rapture: An End Times Guide to Survival (Paperback)

After the Rapture: An End Times Guide to Survival By David Jeremiah Cover Image

After the Rapture: An End Times Guide to Survival (Paperback)


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What if you or someone you loved missed out on the Rapture? What happens to those who are left behind? Trusted Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah shares the help and hope people will need as they face the End Times in this timely, easy-to-understand guidebook for believers and non-believers alike.

In?After the Rapture, ?Dr. David Jeremiah equips you to understand End-Times theology and Bible prophecy. Many people want to understand how the Rapture unfolds, and this is the perfect handbook to share with your unsaved friends and loved ones so they can prepare themselves or cope with the challenges they'll face after the Rapture. With trusted biblical insight, this book will provide the hope and confidence you need and can share with your loved ones.

An ideal witnessing tool and a resource of biblical direction for those seeking answers about what is to come, this life-changing book includes:

  • A detailed look at what the Rapture is, how it happens, and what happens afterward
  • Eye-opening sections on the Rapture, Judgment Day, and the Great Tribulation
  • The information you need to clear up your own confusion and prepare for Christ's return
  • A unique, compelling way to share Jesus with those in danger of being left behind
  • Valuable questions and answers, Scripture verses, life application, and more

An epic and vital guide to life after the Rapture, this book is a must-have resource for you to buy for those you fear might be left behind. Help your loved ones understand the End Times and guide them to accept Christ as their Savior.

Product Details ISBN: 9780785292340
ISBN-10: 0785292349
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English