About Us

A locally-owned and independent bookstore since 1984, Maria’s Bookshop provides an inspiring community hub to locals and visitors of Southwest Colorado. Maria’s Bookshop values diverse perspectives and life experiences and seeks to create an inclusive and safe community for every member of our community. We support an enthusiastic learning environment and promotes thoughtful and engaged dialogue in a warm, welcoming space; local arMaria's Bookshop Storefront at Nighttwork hangs beside antique snowshoes, skis and bicycles on original brick walls and custom-made wooden shelves are stocked with more than 40,000 books.

We are here to create community connection through books. We love:

People:  whether staff or customers, local authors or community partners, Maria’s Bookshop fosters relationships of respect, appreciation and support. Staff here are inviting, knowledgeable and fun. Community events and display windows show unwavering support for local authors.  Durango is home, and Maria’s is a grateful and active member of this exceptional community, showing support through: donations to community charitable events and schools, promoting and hosting local events, supporting local vendors, and choosing environmentally conscious business practices.     

Books:  lining the shelves of Maria’s Bookshop are hand-picked books curated with the community in mind. The texts we choose are culturally enriching and often pay homage to our southwestern roots; our selection is a positive reflection of the local community.

Our Space: We are housed in a 100+ year-old building in downtown Durango. The space is designed to promote active and engaged browsing in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Bring the kids and the dog, come in and browse.  Introduce kids to books in the Children’s Room. Our events, varied and plentiful, range from local authors or national bestsellers, to publishing big-names and local interest groups.  During each unique event, the store becomes a meeting place for the exchange of ideas, inspired and inspiring discussion, and thoughtful interactions. 

The Environment: Maria’s Bookshop strives to operate with a minimal environmental impact.  Nearly all our energy is generated from our rooftop solar array. We support alternative transportation with multiple programs, including sponsoring a City bicycle rack in front of the store.  We purchase from other locally-owned, independent businesses in our community and use green products.              

We hope to see you soon!

Right side photo: An evening outside Maria's. Photo by Scott DW Smith