The Unsettlers

Mark Sundeen

Review by Jaime Cary

The quest for the simple life is one that has been undertaken by many throughout America’s history. However, in the age of consumption and global warming, we can see that the traditional ways that people have created the good life for themselves can have dire consequences across the globe. In The Unsettlers, author Mark Sundeen wades through the complicated issues of sustainability, and examines many ways we could create a simpler life.

When Sundeen, author of The Man Who Quit Money and The Making of Toro, was married, he and his wife had questions about what it meant to live the good life in America’s consumer culture, and how to do it sustainably. They quickly found that this is much harder than it seems. Energy is often created by burning fossil fuels, food is transported over long distances to fill shelves in grocery stores across the nation and waste is rampant. MORE...

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